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This is a Massachusetts Minim Tiny House that’s for sale in Andover, MA.

Completed at the beginning of 2015, this modern tiny house was built using the plans for the original Minim house. The Minim design contains a number of unique elements, including a roll-out bed & office in lieu of the traditional lofted bedroom, an extra 2 1/2 feet of width, an open “studio” feel and multiple banks of large windows. The house was built with high-quality finishes including high-grade cedar siding, professionally finished drywall, bamboo flooring, cherry kitchen cabinets and black walnut table and desk and has been well maintained over the past two years. The house is now ready for a new owner.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, or would like to schedule a viewing. The house is currently situated in Massachusetts but can be shipped (at buyer’s expense) across state lines. ​

Find the price, details and a video below, along with a contact form for the seller. Enjoy!

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Massachusetts Minim Tiny House For Sale (SOLD!)

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This is a Minim Tiny House on Wheels built by Brevard Tiny House.

From the outside, you’ll see a sleek, beautiful and modern tiny cabin built on a trailer.

When you go inside, you’ll find a one-level floor plan with a living area, kitchen, bathroom, office nook, and a pull-out bed. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Minim Tiny House on Wheels Built by Brevard Tiny House

Minim Tiny House on Wheels Built by Brevard Tiny House 001

Images © Brevard

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Would you like to win a tiny house of your own? SustainaFest, a non-profit organization in Maryland dedicated to sustainable community development, is hosting a tiny house essay contest. The prize is a 210-square foot, $76,000 energy-efficient home. You will love how sleek and modern this house is both outside and inside. It has a solar energy system, a rainwater collection/filtration system, a gourmet kitchen, and more!

To be eligible, you must submit an essay that is no longer than 350 words that answers the question: “What are your keys to living a sustainable lifestyle and how would owning the SustainaFest Tiny House help you realize your dream of living that lifestyle?” You will also need to include a $100.00 entry fee with an additional $5.00 processing fee.

The entries will be evaluated by celebrity judges and tiny house specialists, such as Merete Mueller, award-winning filmmaker of the documentary TINY: A Story About Living Small, and Derek “Deek” Diedrickson, host of HGTV’s Extreme Small Spaces.

SustainaFest Tiny House Essay Contest

SustainaFest Tiny House Essay Contest: Deadline July 1!

Images © SustainaFest/Sidecar Cinema

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Chris Page’s tiny house on wheels is based on the Minim design by Brian Levy, of Minim Homes. And thanks to Kai Rostcheck of I Love Tiny Houses, you’ll even get a video tour and interview with Chris (below).

Inside this cabin there’s about 11′ of width and about 22′ of length. Not bad for a tiny house on a trailer, right? I believe the extra width makes this tiny house technically a park model.

There’s a wonderful open kitchen with plenty of space, a dedicated couch with built-in storage, large windows throughout to bring in lots of natural light, and a pull out bed that stows away under the elevated office area of the house. And yes, there’s even a closet for your clothes. Pretty awesome tiny house design, right? I’d love to read your thoughts about it in the comments. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Chris Page’s Minim Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Christopher Page

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