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Jannia and Korbyn “didn’t know nothing about nothing” when it came to building a school bus home, but when their globetrotting days came to a sudden halt in 2020, they decided it was time to check “bus life” off their bucket list.

The couple married in Thailand and spent five months in lockdown in Denmark (where Jannia’s family lives) and couldn’t go to Prague like they had planned. So they came to the U.S., bought a bus, and spent months making it into an artsy skoolie complete with two office spaces, a comfy bed, and a wet bathroom. Now that borders are open again, the couple travel wherever the wind takes them, knowing they have a home base in the States whenever they want to return. What do you think of their build?

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Artistic Skoolie with Tetris-Inspired Couch

World Travelers’ Home Base Skoolie 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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