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Sam and Chris have made it all the way from New York to Oregon in their awesome micro van — with their two dogs! Chris is a tattoo artist, and she’s so excited to be traveling and tattooing on the road, like she’s always dreamed of.

They carry an inflatable boat on the roof of their rig and have a great four-sided awning set-up to create a comfortable outdoor living space. Their garage has two big pull-out drawers which can become a kitchen or a star-gazing bench. Enjoy the tour below!

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Tattoo Artist Fulfilling Her Dream of Travel

Their Micro Van with a Harry Potty Ceiling! 4

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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Kayla has always tried to live in small spaces — purposefully choosing the smallest room in her co-op and figuring out how to live with less. When she got a remote internship for the summer, she decided to hop into vanlife and travelling!

For such a tiny, quickly-built rig, Kayla’s van is so impressive! It has a bed/couch/dinette with three configurations, and a kitchen that she can use indoors and out — pretty cool.

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Kayla’s Weekend Vanlife Rig

Grad Student’s Ford Transit Connect w Pull Out Kitchen 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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