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Hope and Manny are an awesome couple who recently completed their own DIY van build and are traveling the country with their dogs working on other vans and doing philanthropic work in their spare time. The couple built not one, but two different bike trailer micro homes for homeless men on the West Coast.

Their first build was for a man in Bakersfeild, California, and it was a bit more rudimentary as they were learning what would work best, and they were using their own funds for the build. After their YouTube following fell in love with their work, they started a GoFundMe and made an even better one for a man in Seattle that included a solar panel and generator! Let us know what you think, and you can donate to their cause here.

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Micro Bike-Pulled Trailer w/ Solar Power!

They Built TWO Micro Homes for Homeless People 3

Images via Beer Runs Bus

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Pierre and Chin are an amazing couple who were inspired by Japanese architecture and rural Japanese culture as they designed their micro tiny house that sits on a Japanese truck bed. The home is super tiny, with every space having multiple functions.

As they roam the Japanese countryside, they’re looking for a quiet and simple life that they didn’t have in Tokyo. Chin is a lovely artist who managed to fit an art studio into their little space. Enjoy the tour below!

  • Explore a Zen-inspired micro house on a Japanese truck bed.
  • Join Pierre and Chin’s quest for a simpler life in rural Japan.
  • Witness the fusion of art and minimalism in their creative tiny home.

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Pursuing a Quiet & Simple Life in their Truck Bed Home

Their Micro Truck Home For Japanese Travel 4

Images © Growing Small

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Remember tiny-house-extraordinaire Marsha? She’s built 8 (or 9?) different amazing tiny homes, and recently helped her 19-year-old grandson build a micro THOW to sell! Due to lots of unexpected happenings this fall (read the story below), Marsha finished up the building process on her own.

This little tiny home fits a bed and a kitchenette with creative over-tongue cabinet space. There’s a 10×10 sink, space for a portable stove top, and a lot of storage for such a micro home. It’s for sale for $13,750. Enjoy the photos!

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Hand-Built Micro THOW For Sale in NC

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When Jessica’s daughter flew the coop, she was left in a big house alone and was ready to make her tiny home dreams come true. So Jessica first bought and renovated a houseboat. Then she got a short bus. Then she purchased this old tool shed with plans to transform it into an Airbnb. You can see all her awesome work in the tour below.

Most recently, she purchased a camper which she is also renovating — check it out on her Instagram! Now that her tool shed transformation is complete, you can rent it on Airbnb.

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She Owns Four Tiny Homes! (& Rents Some of Them)

Tool Shed Becomes Micro Tiny Home 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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In general, most container homes we feature seem to be in that 40-foot range, but here’s a micro tiny for you! At just 128 square feet, Kountry Containers had to get creative to fit everything.

They made great use of the flat top of the container, adding a porch with a safety railing where one can really take advantage of good weather. Inside the couch doubles as the bed, and there’s a micro kitchen and toilet closet on the back wall.

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Kountry Containers Loft-Free Micro Home

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With the rising costs of everything these days, it’s pretty rare to find something cheaper than normal, but this $22k tiny house by Simply Futher is a real affordable housing solution!

Of course, it’s truly “tiny,” with a living space of just 84 square feet, with an additional 24 square feet of covered deck space on the front. But even as micro-small as it is, there is a kitchen, toilet, shower, bed and office space ingeniously “tetris-ed” (is that a word?) into the home.

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84 Sq. Ft. Tiny House w/ Kitchen, Bathroom & Bed!

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Wow! Wait until you see what this tiny house builder in Georgia fits into just 50 square feet!

Built by Benjamin and for sale on Facebook (now sold) in Cedartown, GA, the $8,000 tiny home has an adjustable bed, shower, toilet, sink, mini-fridge, and AC unit all in a 5’x10′ trailer. Not only that, but it’s cute as a button, with cedar floors and ceilings and gorgeous exterior shingle-work.

While it’s a tight squeeze, for sure, it couldn’t be cuter or better-equipped! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Micro THOW with Live-Edge Cedar Interior

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We shared the original Ecocapsule with you years ago, but here’s her daughter — SPACE — a micro 68-square-foot off-grid unit that makes a great stand-alone office, guest room, or addition to the larger Ecocapsule.

It has fiberglass and steel construction, with customizable exterior colors. Inside is a mixture of laminate and plywood for a sleek modern finish.

The basic model starts at $56,000, and is 15×7 feet. It’s just 8 feet tall, and weighs 3,000 pounds. What do you think?

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Off-Grid Ecocapsule SPACE!

Ecocapsule SPACE

Images via Ecocapsule

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This itty-bitty tiny house on wheels is absolutely adorable and truly “tiny” — and it could be yours! It’s for sale in the Phoenix, Arizona area for $4,900.

The cozy space is brimming with character and has just enough room for a couch that turns into a twin-sized bed (no loft!) and a beautiful compact kitchenette with a sink and storage. There’s also an exterior storage shed to hide more of your belongings.

Marsha is retiring and moving cross-country. Rather than hauling the THOW, she plans to sell it and build a new one after the move. You can contact her via Craigslist.

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Just $4,900: Itty Bitty THOW for SALE

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