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This is a mobile micro cabin and office built by Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. He uses it to travel and vacation in.

From the outside, you’ll notice a very simple structure built onto a small utility trailer.

When you go inside, you’ll find a work desk, sleeping bunk, shelving, and storage. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Mobile Micro Cabin and Office by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Mobile Micro Cabin and Office by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 001

Images © Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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This is a modern backyard garden studio cabin in Seattle, Washington.

It’s called the Orchid Studio and it’s designed to function as an art and gardening space that’s separate from the main house on the property. It’s a cozy and relaxing place to read, draw, paint, meditate, nap, sew or knit. When you go inside you’ll find that there are lots of windows for natural light, a full bathroom, living area, and enough space to add a kitchen if you wanted to later on.

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Art and Gardening Studio Cottage in Seattle

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For those who work from home you probably understand how old it can get working from the kitchen table.

Check out how one couple designed and built their own backyard office to create separation from work and home.

After planning and discussing each other’s needs for their office space they built this modern backyard office.

This backyard shed office is the perfect size for two people to share. There is a great outdoor deck for reading, writing or making videos.

Vanessa Hayes, of Get Simplified, and her husband share the office and call it their “World Shedquarters“.

Please share and enjoy the photos below.

Couple Builds Modern Backyard Office

modern home office

Images © Vanessa Hayes

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Just hitch your portable tiny house to your vehicle and tow it anywhere you want to go! It’s even registered as an RV, which has its pros and cons.

Of course, the major advantage to a “mobile” home like this is that you can travel and have a place to stay. However, because of its RV status, Darren Macca and partner Ann Holley had to make some concessions with appliances and the method by which the home was built.

RV appliances are more expensive than say, similarly-sized apartment-sized appliances, but without knowing if they would always have access to a power line, they had to forgo the less expensive route. You can see some of the highlights in the video below.

Couple’s Portable Tiny House on Wheels + Airstream-like Office

Couple's Portable Tiny House + Airstream-like Office

Images © YouTube/Faircompanies

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Deek just emailed me about this micro cabin ‘study pod’ that he just finished for an NYU professor who plans on using it in his property in New Jersey so I wanted to share it with you here.

It’s a peaceful place where he can grade papers and read. And it completely opens up to nature. On top of that, Deek used recycled materials that he saved from other projects over the years on the back wall that you can see in the photo below.

And the flooring was reclaimed from a 100-year-old home! The roof is built using polycarbonate roofing called Tuftex. The micro cabin on wheels is just 4’6″ x 7′ and about 5’6″ tall.

Deek Builds Micro Cabin Study Pod for Professor


Image © Derek Diedricksen

That makes for a pretty awesome micro office in the woods, doesn’t it?

I encourage you to learn more about it and watch the video tour below w/ Deek:
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