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Modern Backyard Garden Studio Cabin

This is a modern backyard garden studio cabin in Seattle, Washington.

It’s called the Orchid Studio and it’s designed to function as an art and gardening space that’s separate from the main house on the property. It’s a cozy and relaxing place to read, draw, paint, meditate, nap, sew or knit.

When you go inside you’ll find that there are lots of windows for natural light, a full bathroom, living area, and enough space to add a kitchen if you wanted to later on. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Backyard Garden Studio

Modern Backyard Garden Studio

Images © First Lamp Architecture Construction

Modern Backyard Garden Studio Cabin Modern Backyard Cabin Modern Backyard Garden Cabin Modern Backyard Studio Modern Backyard Studio Modern Backyard Studio Modern Backyard Studio Modern Backyard Studio Modern Backyard Studio Modern Backyard Studio

Images © First Lamp Architecture Construction


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Andrea has lived simply in small spaces for more than 7 years and enjoys sharing her space saving (and space multiplying) tips from experience.
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  • Avatar Varenikje

    Very light and airy! Refreshing!

  • Avatar John Howell

    I absolutely LOVE this cabin!

  • Avatar Katherine

    I love it! Is there a floor plan available?

  • Avatar gale

    A few tweaks and you have a lovely little home. Really like it!

  • Avatar vee

    Wouldn’t I just love to expand this one. Very cheery and such interesting windows — happy vibes here!

  • Avatar BrownLuster

    Sooooo Loooove this beautiful garden/work studio!! I love the modern lines of the structure and I am in LOVE with the Mid-Century Modern furniture throughout!! Love It!!!

  • Avatar Karen

    Very, very nice!

  • Avatar Jane

    Very nice!

  • Avatar Patty

    I really like this one. It would make a very nice tiny house. I love the light and the potential as a home.

  • Avatar Gary

    I cannot stand the rotating ads across the bottom. I am not the only one that covers the ad with my hands. Please change this or I and several others will regrettably have to op out. Please don’t make me leave.

    • Avatar Alex

      Hey Gary you’re right that is super annoying I’ll find a way to remove it today thanks.

    • Avatar Michael L

      Gary… you do remember this is a free newsletter right? Many bloggers use the ads to cover the costs associated with providing the FREE service to us!

  • Avatar Kathy

    I LOVE this bright and breezy little studio, and given one just like it I would live there happily forever. Ummm, no one would mind if I added a bed and a kitchen, right? ?

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Um! no kitchen? , no closets, Seems not a place to call a home. But has very nice curb appeal Love all the windows natural light and airiness. But wondering how this space could be use as…

  • Avatar Susanne

    It said garden and art studio; so no need for
    Kitchen… Yet…?

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