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This is a tiny log cabin with bunk beds for $15,000.

It’s a 7′ by 15′ cabin and it’s on a new trailer with a covered front deck and a wood swing. Inside there are bunk beds as mentioned, along with a table, chairs, fan, lights, and electricity. What do you think?

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$15,000 Tiny Log Cabin on a Trailer with Bunk Beds

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This is the story of a couple who are living full-time in a 50-square-foot micro home via Deek’s relaxshacksDOTcom YouTube Channel.

Meet Dan and Emily Hutcheson Moore- who after taking a few hands-on tiny house workshops, and gaining inspiration from several tiny house festivals, decided to take the plunge and live tiny full time- in a cabin-like vargo only 50 square feet in size at its base. This self-built home on wheels certainly is small, but does contain their needs and facilities for just about any occasion- from showering, to napping, going to the bathroom, and cooking.

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Couple’s 50-sq.-ft. micro house on wheels


Images via YouTube/relaxshacksDOTcom

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This is the Gypsy Tug Micro Cabin.

It’s built by Daniel Joseph Weddle, creator of Carpenter Owl, a chemical-free tiny house builder.

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Gypsy Tug Micro Cabin by Carpenter Owl


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This is Boyd’s DIY micro camper on wheels.

He wanted to build a tiny home on wheels, but decided to build a tiny camper on a trailer first to practice. I think that’s a fantastic idea. Have you ever thought of building a tinier version of a THOW before designing/building your final version of one?

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Boyd’s DIY Micro Camper on Wheels

Boyds DIY Tiny Camper 001

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This is a Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Güte in Ontario, Canada.

The hut has a comfy L-shaped sitting area that converts into a double bed, a clever folding desk & kitchen table, a small murphy bed for a single person or child, and some storage space for blankets, pillows, cups, plates, etc. It also has space to mount a tv, as well as hooks on the wall for storing folding chairs out of the way.

The design includes a unique half-round bump-out on one end that provides extra living space inside, without increasing the square footage of the structure on the outside.

Every part of these huts is custom made, including the structure itself, the furniture, the doors, and the window frames; and the pair make a huge effort to source their materials and labor locally for things like milling wood and casting iron.

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Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Güte

Modern Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Gute 001

Images © Exploring Alternatives via YouTube

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These are the collapsible hotel rooms of Flexotels. They’re used at festivals and events all over the world and they even have extended versions with bathrooms. These fold-out and ready to assemble micro shelters can be put together in 10 minutes.

The largest version is even equipped with a shower, hot water heater, toilet and sink, to provide people with more comfort. These micro shelters contain two box spring beds, two chairs and a table, storage space and electricity. They are rented with linen and towels. Up to 10 rooms can be put onto one truck and delivered. This may not be the best long-term housing solution, but for areas and for people in desperate need, this can be a great housing solution, don’t you think? Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Flexotels Collapsible Micro Shelters Set Up in 10 Minutes


Images © Flexotels

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I nearly started crying when I discovered Hailey Fort. She is an amazing 9 year old girl with a heart of gold!

With the help of her family, Hailey builds portable shelters and grows food for the homeless in her town. Her mom, Miranda Fort, says, “This was all Hailey’s idea.”

Four years ago Hailey started helping the homeless when she saw a homeless man on the side of the street. She asked her mom if there was anything she could do to help him. They bought him lunch and ever since then Hailey has taken it upon herself to start a garden to donate food and build micro houses for the homeless in Bremerton, Washington.

I love Hailey’s comment on growing food for the homeless, “Empty stomachs hurt. They break concentration and make the future seem impossible. Giving food is essential to creating health.”

Together we can make a difference. If you would like to donate to Hailey’s Harvest you can do so here.  Please enjoy and re-share below.

Amazing 9-Year-Old Builds Micro Houses for the Homeless

Hailey Fort

Images © Hailey’s Harvest

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Adam Rasmussen is sharing his amazing tiny two-fer house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

I love how this design incorporates outdoor space in its design. In a place where I live, like Florida, I think this would be awesome.

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Adam Rasmussen’s Tiny Two-fer House Design


Images © Adam Rasmussen

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This 425 sq. ft. micro apartment in Manhattan has been wonderfully renovated called the MicroLoft. Back in the 1990s it was purchased for about $95,000.

Years later it was renovated for a cost of $400,000 for a client to make every square inch inside count and I’m showing you here so you can get an idea of what you can really do with a small amount of space. And, of course, we can implement the same ideas in here ourselves (if you’re a DIY person) and not pay any where nearly as much money.

Louise Harpman, founding partner of Specht Harpman, says that the demand for small spaces right now is huge and it continues to grow in many areas across the country. She also talks about other designs like the ZeroHouse that they are developing and offering.

Manhattan Micro Apartment Transformation


Images © Taggart Sorenson

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