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This is a tiny writer’s cottage in Sweden.

Inside you’ll find a tiny kitchenette, table, writing desk, bed, fireplace, and a tiny bathroom.

Nearby you’ll also find a pier on the water with a sauna. You can book a stay here if you’d like using Airbnb and have your own Thoreau experience in today’s world. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Writer’s Cottage in Sweden

Tiny Writer's Cottage in Sweden

Images © Airbnb.com

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Guest Post – How I Built the Cutest DIY Cargo Trailer (aka Micro Cabin) Ever

This project was done as a way to quickly and inexpensively enclose my 6’x10′ utility trailer to protect my cargo during transport to the Blue Ridge Mountains where I would start building my own tiny cabin. So I figured, “why not make it cute and practical at the same time?” I bought the trailer new and then built the enclosure around it for about $400 in materials and about a month of labor on my spare time.

I built it on the fly with no plans since it was only intended to keep the rain off my stuff and allow me to lock it up at night. If I hadn’t used reclaimed materials for much of it, I could have finished it a lot faster. But because I used reclaimed materials it took a lot of creative manipulation to make it all work.

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Micro Cabin Cargo Trailer Built for Move to Live Simply

Nearly finished!

Images © Barbara Diaz

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