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This is one man’s cheap, DIY micro camper.

From the outside, you’ll notice plywood siding with shed doors and a gable-style roof.

When you go inside, you’ll find a refrigerator, pull-up table, and a couch. The roof even opens and allows in fresh air inside. Pretty cool, right?

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Man Builds Cheap, DIY Micro Camper


Images © NJ Outdoors via YouTube

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This is the Slipstream micro camper that’s designed for compact cars and motorcycles to easily tow for traveling.

It’s great if you’re a minimalist traveler because this unit ways only 200 lbs, it quick to set up, and it has about 38 cubic feet of extra cargo space too.

If something like a teardrop camper is too big for you but you still want the benefits of being able to tow a trailer for a quicker set up time and so you also have the ability to carry more cargo this might be a great option. It starts at $2,895. What do you think?

Slipstream Micro Camper for Cars and Motorcycles

youtu.be-dzGWnicCigs (2)

Images © OpenRoadOutfitters

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This is an Anonymous Reader Submitted Guest Post: DIY Tiny Camping Trailer (Submit)

The trailer is 5X9.5′, weighs 1280 lbs. empty but can still be pulled with a 4 cylinder vehicle. It took about 6 months to build and is super comfortable. I can’t wait to start using it.

It has a TV, DVD player, digital tuner, Stereo, Microwave, 2.4 cu ft Refrig, on board 30 amp RV charger, and deep cycle battery.

2 TV outlets, 6 110 outlets, 2 12 volt outlets.  Storage compartment in the front and another storage compartment at the foot of the bed.

All LED lighting except for the kitchen area, which has a 40-watt fluorescent.  Under cabinet lighting as well. Also has 15″ wheels…..

DIY Tiny Camping Trailer I Built

DIY Micro Camping Trailer I Built for $2900

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I had to show you this 1978 8′ Sunline micro travel trailer that’s for sale on Craigslist right now (SOLD).

It’s very similar to a teardrop camper since it’s ultra small and light weight.

This means you can tow it with just about any vehicle… Even a 4 cylinder car.

The entire thing weighs only like 800 lbs. so you might even be able to tow it with some motorcycles!

And you’ll be surprised at how much you are able to fit into this micro camper:

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  • Sink.
  • Icebox.
  • Removable table inside.
  • Generator.
  • Jack.
  • Gray water tank.
  • Couch/table converts into bed.
  • 32″ flatscreen inside.

1978 Sunline Micro Travel Trailer For Sale


If you like teardrops you’ll probably enjoy just looking at this micro travel trailer below:

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In this post I’m introducing you to Peter Pavlowich and his Terrapin micro turtle campers.

This series is called The Terrapin and it’s a new model of trailer campers he’s created. They’re inspired by many of the tiny travel trailers from the 1950s and 60s which are great for road trips. The best part is that you can easily tow these campers because they’re lightweight and compact.

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Terrapin Casual Turtle Camper

This way you save on gas and ultimately it’s affordable to adventure. I urge you to check out the rest of this micro camper below because I think you’ll like the interior:

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Here’s a one of a kind custom built micro travel trailer that you could use for camping or traveling. (SOLD)

It would work sort of like a teardrop camper, only it’s built like a micro cottage instead.

But in order to do that the new buyer would have to perform some renovations on it.

Because it was originally built for a parade and was later used to transport dogs.

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Micro Travel Trailer Cottage For Sale


© Craigslist

Take a look at the entire tour of it below and let us know what you would do with it in the comments below:

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I wanted to show you this all wood hand built teardrop camper for sale (sold) finished in 2013.

It was a six-year project even the trailer frame was custom built.

Built with one-inch birch wood that’s treated, stained and sealed for marine use.

Inside there’s a comfortable 6 inch Tempurpedic foam mattress along with:

  • 12V LED Lighting
  • Reading lamps
  • 110V RV Hook Up with Trickle Battery Charger
  • Three USB Ports

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DIY Wooden Vintage Teardrop Camper w/ Classic VW Truck

Vintage VW Truck Towing Classic Hand Built Wooden Teardrop Camper

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Earlier this year I showed you NASA’s former senior architect’s Cricket RV trailer.

Well, Garret Finney is at it again! This time he’s working on an even smaller micro camper.

It’s called the Firefly. And it’s something that can be used for camping trips and traveling.

But it can be more than just a weekend camper too. I’ll explain below.

Introducing: The Firefly

Firefly Micro Camper

Finney thinks the Firefly can be used in industrial and disaster-relief situations as base camps in areas with little to no infrastructure or where systems have been temporarily compromised as well.

I’d rather see people like you and me using them for lightweight and fun travels though. Anyway let me show you more of Garret’s modern take on the vardo which you can put on a small utility trailer, in the back of your pick up truck or on its legs (yes, it has legs).

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