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This is a modern version of a traditional wagon tiny house called the Maringotka designed by Miramari Design in Prague.

It’s a wonderful design that you can use to live simply in full-time but you can also use it to build an affordable vacation home or even to create a fun hotel where people can try out alternative living spaces.

Unlike most tiny homes on wheels this one isn’t really made to legally be towed on public roads, although it can quite easily be moved by hiring a company to do it for you.

The modern caravan offers 258 sq. ft. of space inside and Miramari Design offers two different floor plans. When you go inside you’ll find a full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping platform, dining area, and more. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

258 Sq. Ft. Maringotka Modern Wagon Tiny House

258 Sq. Ft. Maringotka Modern Wagon Tiny House

Images © miramari.cz

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