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This is a tiny log cabin in New Zealand called the Fossickers Hut. From the outside, you’ll notice it has a classic pioneer style to it. It’s a tribute to the gold miners who once lived in an area called Canvastown that’s nearby.

Today, the little log cabin serves as a vacation spot that sleeps up to four people. And yes, it’s still completely off-the-grid. When you go inside, you’ll find a living area, downstairs bed, upstairs sleeping loft, a pot-belly stove, minimalist kitchen, small dining table, and an outdoor bathroom complete with shower and tub. Wouldn’t it be cool to step back in time and vacation in this Midwest-style cabin? I think so!

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Tiny Log Cabin in New Zealand

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This is Jeffrey’s 260 sq. ft. floating Amish log cabin.

It’s a 10′ x 26′ log cabin on a 16′ x 32′ floating platform.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Jeffrey’s 260 Sq. Ft. Floating Amish Log Cabin

260 SF Floating Amish Log Cabin 001

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This is a Tiny Log Cabin submitted by a reader just like you. We’d love to feature you, too.

Once in a while readers like you send in your tiny houses, cabins, cottages, RVs, and other alternative/small homes and when that happens I love getting to re-share it with you so we can all enjoy it.

So below is a quick post featuring one of our readers current projects… A tiny log cabin. Enjoy and re-share below if you feel inclined to. Thanks.

Alex, I’m almost finished with our next Tiny cabin. (see below).

Reader Submitted Tiny Log Cabin


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I thought I’d share this excellent example of people living simply in a tiny cabin in Alaska.

It’s a simple log cabin with a covered front deck. When you walk inside you’ve got your living area and kitchen. And upstairs is your sleeping loft with skylights which you’ll get to see down below.

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The Simple Life In A Tiny Log Cabin, Alaska

What does the simple life look like for you? Is it in a tiny apartment in the city? A tiny home on wheels near a town? Or off the grid in a rural area? Let us know in the comments after you tour the cabin below:

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To have a park model tiny house / log cabin on your own land somewhere does sound pretty awesome.

This particular model is only available in Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Check out the Pacific Lodge built and manufactured by Palm Harbor Homes.

It is a 386 square feet wooden cabin with one bedroom/one bath and a sleeping loft.

The dimensions are: 34 x 11’2. It’s classified as a park model home.

Maybe some of us should consider designing and building our tiny houses to park model specs if we want more space and a downstairs bedroom?

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The Pacific Lodge

Check out the rest (including floor plan) below:

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I just had to show you this 400 sq. ft. oak log cabin on wheels from Gastineau Log Homes. It’s their Log Cabins 2 Go line of homes that are under the Park Model category.

This means they’re built on trailers but since they’re wider than 8’6″ you’d need to hire professional movers to tow it or acquire the “wide load” permit/license yourself. So it costs more to move. But you get a lot more valuable space inside. I think it’s a great option if you want a downstairs bedroom, more space, all while still having the ability to move if you really wanted to.

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400-sq.-ft. Oak Log Cabin on Wheels by Gastineau Log Homes

Gastineau Oak Log Cabins To Go On Wheels

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