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To have a park model tiny house / log cabin on your own land somewhere does sound pretty awesome.

This particular model is only available in Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Check out the Pacific Lodge built and manufactured by Palm Harbor Homes.

It is a 386 square feet wooden cabin with one bedroom/one bath and a sleeping loft.

The dimensions are: 34 x 11’2. It’s classified as a park model home.

Maybe some of us should consider designing and building our tiny houses to park model specs if we want more space and a downstairs bedroom?

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The Pacific Lodge

Check out the rest (including floor plan) below:

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I just had to show you this 400 sq. ft. oak log cabin on wheels from Gastineau Log Homes. It’s their Log Cabins 2 Go line of homes that are under the Park Model category.

This means they’re built on trailers but since they’re wider than 8’6″ you’d need to hire professional movers to tow it or acquire the “wide load” permit/license yourself. So it costs more to move. But you get a lot more valuable space inside. I think it’s a great option if you want a downstairs bedroom, more space, all while still having the ability to move if you really wanted to.

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400-sq.-ft. Oak Log Cabin on Wheels by Gastineau Log Homes

Gastineau Oak Log Cabins To Go On Wheels

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Reader Submitted Tiny Log Cabin Guest Post

This is our 136 sq. ft. log cabin. It’s located in the forest of WA.

Inside there’s a simple bathroom with a shower. As soon as you walk in it’s straight ahead to the left.

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136-square-foot Tiny Log Cabin With Fireplace

136 Sq Ft Tiny Log Cabin Exterior View

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This is the story of a remote log cabin in Alaska built by a man’s sons, friends, and family, all in honor of him. You see, the man you see in the wool cap, on the ATV, he was the one who was going to build this very cabin, on his very land.

But just two weeks after he purchased the land, he became paralyzed. This was in 1980. Then, twenty years later, his sons, their friends, and family, all got together and built the cabin he had always imagined and dreamed of.

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Here’s what it looked like in 2000:

Alaska Tiny Log Cabin Story

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This is a Reader Submitted Guest Post – Share Your Downsizing Story Too

This is my tiny blues cabin. I live in the Tennessee hill-country but my musical tastes are more in line with Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta country! It’s about 70 miles south of Nashville (which is a great place) and I’m a bluesman at heart (even if not by talent!). I have this cabin because I wanted a get-away place to enjoy my blues music all night if I wanted to, to study, and also just to relax.

I bought this little log cabin from an Amish company in Kentucky. The outside was already finished, but my dad finished the inside. A friend of mine also built the front steps. The cabin is 14×20, but the front porch takes up 4 ft, leaving the actual living space at 200 sq. ft. My parents did all of the inside work to this place, including the electric blue paint and the Mississippi Mud paint!

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Mortgage-free in an Amish Log Cabin

Tommy's Tiny Blues Log Cabin

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This is the incredible story of a father and his son who set the audacious goal of building a tiny pioneer-style log cabin, in Alaska, in only 15 days.

Is it even possible to do that? Well, I suppose we will find out, but this old boy and his son sure think they can, and you know what, who’s stopping them? Enjoy below and who knows, you may learn a little something about logging.

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Father/Son Building Log Cabin Together


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Melissa sent me a link to her 168-square-foot tiny house video tour on our Facebook Fan Page. And I’m so glad she did because now I get to introduce you to her little house.

It’s a simple one-room structure with an upstairs sleeping loft that you can pretty much stand up in. Downstairs she will show you their…

  • refrigerator
  • microwave
  • oven
  • storage
  • two chairs
  • heaters

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Their 168-sq.f-t. Tiny Cabin in Alaska

Photo Courtesy of Devon and Melissa on YouTube

If you were inside and continued looking around, you’d find…

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