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Looking for a tiny house on wheels that has a private first-floor bedroom? The latest THOW from Forever Tiny Homes fits the bill (and it’s for sale!).

You’ll walk from the kitchen into the bathroom, and then through a pocket door into the cozy space that fits up to a queen-sized bed. There’s also a loft accessible via a staircase that has room for a king bed, meaning you could easily sleep 4 in this 25 ft. long tiny home. The home also includes a full kitchen with a double sink, propane range and oven, and a larger 10.1 cubic foot refrigerator. This model is in stock, which means you can purchase it today for $56,600. Contact the builder here.

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Here’s a Modern Shed-Style Tiny House on Wheels for Sale Built by Forever Tiny Homes

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This is what I’ve dubbed the “Welcome to the Future,” the latest tiny house from Liberation Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania.

The model is currently for sale, brimming with all kinds of modern, sleek, and even retro-feeling elements. I really love the funky exterior shape, that looks almost like something from the Jetsons!

Want to purchase it? Have questions? Get in touch with Liberation here. More details about the build and specifications on the last page.

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Welcome to the Future: New Liberation Tiny Home

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This is the beautiful Texas Zen Single Loft Tiny House on Wheels built in Austin, Texas.

The home features a beautiful dark wood exterior, plenty of windows and the very popular shed-style roof that really opens up any tiny house. And yes, it’s March, but I love seeing the happy Christmas decor showing you that going tiny doesn’t mean giving up the things you love!

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Texas Zen Single Loft Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Texas Zen

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This is an amazing modern studio loft home that used to be an old storage garage.

You can see the before photo of the outside in the image below. But wait until you see what was done with this place after.

More information is shared on this project over at this Reddit page by user Psychemagic.

You can also see even more photos here. Please enjoy and re-share this amazing before & after garage to modern tiny home renovation below. Thank you!

Storage Garage Converted into Loft Tiny Home

Storage Garage Converted Into Modern Loft Studio Home

Images © psychemagic/imgur

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