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Can you imagine living in your truck, van, or car just so you can pay off your debt?

That’s what this 27 year old student, Andy, decided to do so he can pay off his $11,000 credit card.

Thank you, Steven, for sharing this video clip on Facebook.

Andy decided to leave his $800 per month apartment and turn the bed of his pick up truck into a bedroom.

Why? Well, I think this may help sum it up for you:

  • He’s a full time college student
  • Working part-time

His credit card balance every month was going untouched. In other words, he wasn’t getting ahead at all.

So Andy did what he had to do: take matters into his own hands. He..

  • Put all of his stuff in storage
  • And began sleeping in his truck

How to Become Debt Free by Living in a Truck
Photo Credit MoneyTrackTv via YouTube

He was immediately able to begin putting all of that money that was going into rent ($800/mo) into paying off his credit card debt.

How did he remain sane? He joined a rock climbing gym and that’s where he showers.

Besides that he eats simple foods and uses the College campus to study and use the Internet during the day.

What kind of sacrifices would you, or are currently undertaking, in order to get ahead for your future?

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