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When Darcy’s sister was diagnosed with Leukemia, she decided to forego chemo and travel the country by bus instead. Darcy didn’t want to miss out on that time with her sister so she and her husband quit their jobs, bought and renovated an RV and have been traveling full-time with their children McKenzie and Maxwell following Darcy’s sister around the country.

The RV itself only cost $5,000 and the family gutted it and renovated it to make it home, reusing and re-purposing anything and everything they could to save money. While their story started in the midst of tragedy, it’s been a great experience for the family and has actually made the pandemic easier to deal with because they were already distanced in many ways and homeschooling.

Take a tour of their amazing home and watch their interview with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Family of 4 Traveling the Country in Middie the Winnie

Family of 4 Drops Everything to Travel with Sister Diagnosed with Leukemia

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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