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Paola and her husband downsized in 2012 from a 5 bedroom home in Rome to a quaint country cottage in Cambridge with two bedrooms. She has no regrets except that it took her until her 40s to choose a little home!

Her Instagram stole my attention right away, with her cozy shabby chic decor that immediately makes me feel warm! I reached out and she shared pictures of her little house, along with answers to our Q&A about how she spends half as much on bills since making the transition.

Enjoy a photo tour of her fairytale cottage and be sure to read our interview with her below! Follow her on Instagram here.

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From 5 Bedrooms in Rome to 2 In Cambridge

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Many people are skeptical of how long people really live tiny before throwing in the towel on cramped quarters. But the Reed Family’s story shows that sometimes tiny living can be a useful stepping stone to dreams come true.

The family were struggling financially trying to serve at a church in the LA area (Dad/Husband Nick is a pastor), and finally decided to fix up an RV, move 35 miles away from the church (long commute!) and live tiny to remove the financial burden of rising rents. During their RV life, they were able to save up enough money for a 1100 square foot fixer-upper just 10 minutes away from their church! They sold the RV and used that money as part of their down payment on the home.

The family of 6 (@reedsindeed) feels like their little home is a mansion in comparison! The four girls share one of the home’s two bedrooms with amazing built-in quad bunks, and the home features the coolest glass dining area. We got to interview mom, Rachel, so be sure to read her story at the end of the post!

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Reed Family of 6: From RV to Financial Freedom to Little Home

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Ever wanted to live in a vacation spot? This quaint cottage lives in Dennis — a town on Cape Cod where you could live year-round.

Because it’s on a dead-end street you won’t have tons of tourists driving down your road each day, and the private backyard acts as a retreat every day! It’s just over 700 sq. ft. with one bedroom and one bathroom. No lofts or ladders to deal with — a great place to retire! It’s for sale via Trulia for $295,000 (sold).

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Get your own Quiet Cape Cod Cottage: 700 sq feet

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Here’s a newly-updated 700 sq ft home for sale in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It comes with a detached garage with a workshop, and the basement is clean and dry for storage or extra living space.

This is a nice step up from a tiny house on wheels without jumping into a huge home. It sits on just over a quarter of an acre that abuts a golf course, making for lovely views off the back deck. You can get more information or inquire about purchasing on Zillow.

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700 Sq Ft Little House Near a Golf Course For Sale (Sold)

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This is a Laneway House designed by Robert Johnson Architect in New Westminster, BC.

Because of zoning bylaws and site space, this modern house is only 501 sq. ft. The main floor consists of the living/dining/kitchen space and a bathroom (328 sq ft) and upstairs there’s a single bedroom and closet (173 sq ft.).

Enjoy the photo tour below and read what Robert Johnson says about this design at the end!

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Small 501 Sq. Ft. House on Land in British Columbia

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This is a beautiful old brick 806 sq. ft. Carriage House for sale in Reddick, Florida.

We shared it in the past, but it’s now for sale by owner (Kevin) and he’s offering a special deal for Tiny House Talk readers (so be sure to tell him you heard about the property here). It sits on 1.4 acres, completely fenced-in with an electric gate. There’s even a 16 by 30 salt water pool. I would purchase this place for the beautiful farm vistas — dazzling!

Get more details and purchase info below. Contact Kevin via the form at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

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Small Brick Carriage House in Reddick, FL

Images via Kevin

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I just got an email from Donna who is the owner of this wonderful historic home near downtown Atlanta, Georgia where she converted the separated garage structure into a little house.

She has rented it for many years now and even lived in it for 6 months while she was having her main home renovated. It started out as a one level one bedroom one bathroom apartment over the garage.

Last year, since one of the garage spaces was never really being used, she decided to turn it into a second bedroom with a bathroom to better meet the needs of her renters. Take a look below and if you’d like to you can even consider renting it below.

The suite is named in memory of the owner’s Russian Wolfhound, Princess Cathryn Natasha. I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I did!

Natasha’s Suite: Historic Garage to Little House Conversion


Images © Natasha’s Suite

The property is secured with a six foot iron fence and ADT security. Please enjoy the full tour below:

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Stephen Marshall of Little House on a Trailer gets another interview thanks to Faircompanies. Stephen doesn’t consider this home a tiny one, rather… a little house.

It’s 12 feet wide so that makes it feel much larger. At a first glance you really can’t tell that it’s built on a trailer. You will get a tour of the place including the kitchen which has a miniature sink, stove, and refrigerator combo.

The bathroom is interesting because it uses a $2,000 incinerating toilet which requires no septic tank or sewage hookup. There’s also a shower and a fireplace that I didn’t mention yet. And yes, it’s ready to be towed down the road.

He currently uses the space as an office and it was built with a 19th century Northern California rural farm house in mind so although it’s recently constructed it still provides you with that traditional atmosphere.

Enjoy the video right here…

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