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Ever wondered what life in a tiny house is like on cleaning day?

Well, luckily for us, Ariel on Fy Nyth via YouTube, who’s been living in her tiny house for 6+ years, shows us exactly what it’s like on cleaning day! Enjoy.

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Cleaning Day at Ariel’s Fy Nyth Tiny House

Cleaning Day in a Tiny House via Fy Nyth YouTube 001

Images via Fy Nyth/YouTube

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We all love admiring staged tiny houses, captured by professional photography in ambient light, but have you ever wondered what these tiny houses look like after they’ve been lived in for a while? Or what they look like once the staging furniture is gone and your stuff is inside?

Andy Bretz over at THoW – Economic Hippie shared a whole album of pictures showing his lived-in THOW. We featured the builder’s pictures last month, so go check those out first and compare it to the sampling shown below! Plus on the last page you can read our interview with Andy about his tiny life, including his love of cooking and the challenges tiny living brings.

Want to see even more pictures? Check out the rest of his album here.

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Lived-In Tiny House: Andy’s Life in his Westbury THOW

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This is the Little Bitty Tiny House that’s was just sold after housing Cody, Shay and their baby boy for about a year.

The couple recently shared on Instagram that they are moving to South Africa and will be remodeling an old RV! Read more about their move on the last page.

I wanted to share the gorgeous Little Bitty to inspire you in your own DIY tiny house adventure (they documented the build on their blog here), and simultaneously get you connected with this awesome family that’s living a minimalist life (follow them on Instagram!).

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Family’s Journey From Little Bitty THOW to Renovated RV

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So far Jacqueline has been living in her tiny house on wheels for several months.

She’s been learning how to transition into the lifestyle by using a composting toilet, changing her grocery shopping habits, cooking in a tiny kitchen, and more.

Jacqueline’s tiny house is about 190 sq. ft. with no loft. She’s living in it with her 4 guinea pigs, her cat, and a chihuahua, all of which were rescued.

She had someone else build her tiny house for her, which cost her about $39,000 (including $3,000 in transportation costs). What she didn’t expect were some hidden costs to get the home settled, stabilized, leveled, and add skirting on the outside. All of these hidden extras she said would probably add up to about $15,000!

Fortunately, Jacqueline is renting land from a friend’s 3-acre property and luckily enough there was already water and electricity available so those setup costs weren’t necessary. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Jacqueline’s Life in her Tiny House on Wheels

Jacquelines Tiny House Life 001

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I’m excited to announce the release of Billy Ulmer’s ebook, Life in a Tiny House.

In it you’ll get to explore the tiny house lifestyle through the eyes of people living in them.

With over 200 pages of photos and interviews, this is a real treat if you’re seriously considering living tiny and/or wondering what it might be like to downsize to this level.

Life in a Tiny House eBook by Billy Ulmer of Unlikely Lives


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