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Right now I’m excited to show you Laura & Matt’s 120 sq. ft. tiny house that they built themselves in Asheville, North Carolina thanks to Tiny House Giant Journey. Laura LaVoie is the author of 120 Ideas for Tiny Living.

They live and work in this 120 sq. ft. cabin in the mountains of Asheville. Inside you’ll find a storage loft, sleeping loft, open living/dining area, bathroom with composting toilet and manual pump shower, and a kitchen.

The entire cabin is designed and built to be completely off-the-grid so there’s no running water and no plumbing in the entire home. Please enjoy and re-share below.

Laura and Matt’s 120 Sq. Ft. Tiny House in Asheville

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This past weekend, over at the Tiny House Talk Facebook page, Alex reposted my video tour of my tiny house with the question, “Could you cook in this kitchen?”

While there were plenty of positive responses, there were also some questions and concerns about our kitchen I wanted to address right here on Tiny House Talk.

Our Kitchen under construction by Laura M. LaVoie

Our Kitchen under construction by Laura M. LaVoie

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