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I’m excited to let you know about this new up and coming 11 acre tiny house community called Lemon Cove Village in Lemon Cove, California opening January 1st, 2015.

The community consists of 55 tiny house ONLY spaces. This means ONLY tiny houses (no traditional RVs). It’s near Sequoia National Park.

Right now rates are listed at $450 to $595 per month depending on the spot. There’s going to be a pool, covered patio, outdoor showers, a coin operated laundry room, community kitchen, high speed internet, storage sheds, a garden area, and more.

This is VERY exciting news and I can’t wait to see more communities like this pop up throughout the rest of the world. It’s happening!

Lemon Cove Village Tiny House Community in Lemon Cove, CA


Images © Lemon Cove Village

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