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This is a Mercedes Sprinter van build by Land Carpentry And Constructions out of Australia.

They’re a builder with a residential construction background who are now building tiny homes and van conversions. This particular van conversion has a very interesting layout that we don’t normally see in the United States. What do you think of this van build’s layout? Would you build out your van like this?

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Sprinter Van Build With Unique Layout

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This is the story of Beau van der Werf, his new company called Land Carpentry and Constructions out of Australia, and his newly built custom tiny home.

In the past, they have built 100’s of residential homes and recently 7 tiny homes, including a custom van build. Anyway, this is the story of his new custom tiny home. It features a unique open loft, an elevated living area, lots of storage throughout, and it’s just really awesome overall. I would love getting to live in a tiny house like this. How about you? Check it out!

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Australian Builder’s Incredible Tiny House With Open Loft And Elevated Living Area

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