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This 400 sq. ft. solar off-grid small house design was submitted as part of LaMar’s off grid tiny house design contest where you can win up to $500 for submitting your own design.

But this 16′ x 25′ small home is designed to be a spacious, space saving, creative tiny home that’s fun to live in and share with others if you wanted to.

There will be solar roof mounted hot water heater, a unique upstairs deck/balcony, large kitchen, solar panels, and so much more.

400 Sq. Ft. 16×25 Off Grid Small House


See the rest of it and learn more below:

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LaMar and I have been in touch for the last few days and he’s organizing the 1st Simple Solar Homesteading Tiny Off-Grid House Design Contest for 2014.

And he’s got some really cool prizes that you can win if you decide to participate, too.

The grand prize is $500 in US cash, a 100W solar panel, and a free Tiny House Designs 2014 eBook.

There are 4 categories of houses you can design and submit to… Here they are:

  • Homes 200 sq. ft. or less
  • Homes 201-400 sq. ft.
  • Tiny Houses on Wheels
  • House boats, caravans, van conversions, and campers
LaMar's 8x8 Tiny House Design

Above is LaMar’s 8×8 tiny cabin that he submitted in our contested with Deek back in November 2012.

I encourage you to read/learn more below and watch the video where LaMar explains all below:

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