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This is a small loft apartment in Los Angeles, California. It looks like the perfect place for a visit to Hollywood, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s available via Airbnb.

I also really like the studio layout. If you’re interested in downsizing to a smaller space, but are not quite ready for a tiny house, a studio apartment like this could be a great transition. Have you ever considered a studio kind of like this? What’s your favorite city?

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Studio Apartment with Hollywood Views in LA!

Tiny Loft Apartment in Los Angeles California via Jeremiah-Airbnb 001

Images via Jeremiah/Airbnb

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According to the Tiny Home Industry Association, LA has made backyard tiny homes on wheels legal as accessory dwelling units. It is called LA 2019-12-5 ADU Ordinance R19-0408.

It was just approved by the Los Angeles City Council, pretty incredible, right? One of the largest cities in America has just approved of tiny houses on wheels, I wonder who will be next?

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Los Angeles Legalizes Tiny Houses on Wheels as ADUs

Los Angeles Ordinance Legalizing Tiny Houses on Wheels 2019

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This is the story of how Los Angeles is in the process of possibly legalizing movable tiny houses as backyard homes, according to LATCH Collective/YouTube, the city is working on an ordinance to allow it in some backyards. That’s good news! Watch the clip below to learn and see more.

As seen on CBS news, LATCH Collective offers workshops, webinars and hands on build experience. Los Angeles is in the process of legalizing movable tiny houses as backyard homes.1

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LA Legalizing Backyard THOWs?

LA In The Process of Possibly Legalizing Backyard THOWs To Create Affordable Housing via LATCH Collective 001

Images via LATCH Collective

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This is the Zaunbrecher Tiny House on Wheels by Tee Tiny Houses out of Arnaudville, Louisiana.

It’s 271 sq. ft. (204 sq. ft. main floor and 67 sq. ft. loft).

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271 Sq. Ft. Zaunbrecher Tiny House on Wheels

The Zaunbrecher Tiny House by Tee Tiny Houses_027

Photos © Tee Tiny Houses

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This is a story in the LA Times on how temporary trailers are being planned for homeless people in a downtown city lot.

The city plans to build temporary shelter for the homeless on a city-owned lot at the corner of Arcadia and Alameda streets in downtown Los Angeles.1

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This is a renovated 1972 Vintage Airstream tiny home on wheels in Los Angeles, California that’s listed for sale here.

It’s a beautifully remodeled 25ft travel trailer (including the hitch) and is priced at $78,000.

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Remodeled 1972 Vintage Airstream For Sale in LA!

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This is the PodShare coliving concept in Los Angeles. It’s a membership-based live/work community, kind of like coworkspaces but you can also spend the night here. You get your own bunk bed with charging stations plus access to a shared kitchen and bathroom.

The catch? Your bunk has no privacy! But that also means no funny business. PodShare provides toiletries, toothpaste, clean towels, and food. Would you ever consider staying in one of these? Have you ever tried working out of a coworkspace?

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The PodShare Coliving Concept: Membership-based Cohousing

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This Tumbleweed Tiny House in Prarieville, LA. After 3 years of tiny living, Jeremy & Renee Molley are selling their tiny home because of an addition to their family.

It was built in 2012 in Monroe, Washington using Tumbleweed Fencl (now known as Cypress) plans. They built the home themselves with the help of friends who are professional builders and carpenters. Please enjoy more details and photos below.

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Couple’s Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale (SOLD)


Images © Jeremy & Renee Molley

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This skinny small house in LA is brought to you by Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.

This architect (Anonymous Architects) in LA wanted an affordable house so he found and purchased the smallest one he could find which was just 350-square-feet.

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Skinny Small House in LA

The only problem was that he wanted to be able to live and work from it so he was going to have to come up with some changes.

Skinny House in LA

Photos Courtesy of Faircompanies.com

From 350 Sq. Ft. to 960 Sq. Ft.

He did this by requesting special planning to double the height of the structure. These numbers do include a garage though so it is quite a small home as you’ll see.

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