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Tru Form tiny just released a tour of one of their gorgeous custom homes which they built for a couple in Washington who just got a spot in a local tiny house community. This home totally bucks the “white shiplap” tide with its bold colorful interior of deep navy blue contrasted with warm acacia wood.

There’s a really cozy reading nook over a bump out built on the tongue of the trailer, a loft bedroom with a little built-in office, and a lovely galley kitchen with a drawer dishwasher. Enjoy it below!

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Deep Navy 28-foot Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny

Custom and Colorful 28-ft. Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny

Images: TruForm Tiny

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This is Shannon. She’s a police officer who retired early and decided to move into a tiny house on wheels so she can travel the country!

She went with a 24ft Kootenay tiny house on wheels by Tru Form Tiny and it’s perfect for her.

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Shannon’s 24ft Tiny Home She’s Living and Traveling in After Retiring as a Cop!

She Moved into a Tiny House to Travel After Retiring Early as a Cop!

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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This is a recently-built 28′ Kootenay by TruForm Tiny that reminded me of a modern cottage on wheels!

The Kootenay can be customized to your needs, and this one includes a downstairs queen bedroom/living room area as well as a queen-sized loft. Between the desk/office in the loft and the sleek cottage decor and color scheme in this tiny home, I’m in love!

Get all the details and contact information for the builder below the pictures. Enjoy!

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28′ Kootenay Modern Cottage THOW

Images via TruForm Tiny

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This is a brand new Kootenay 24 model by TruForm Tiny that’s going on a wine tour (follow the stops and events here)!

Liberty School Wines and Hope Valley Wines are taking our Tiny Kootenay 24 foot across the country to help promote their wines. The stunning finishes with blue stain pine, double glass french doors, cork floors, burnt cypress exterior and subway tile are really gorgeous.

Agreed! The inside is crisp and simple, and I could certainly sip wine in here. Like it? Check out our post about designing your very own Kootenay here.

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Kootenay 24 Model Going on Wine Tour!

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This is the Kootenay tiny house on wheels by Green Leaf Tiny Homes.

From the outside, you’ll notice half of the house features stained wooden siding and the other half has corrugated black metal siding that matches the metal roof.

When you go inside, you’ll find a loft bedroom, kitchen, living space, and a bathroom. There are multiple layouts available — look at them all below.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Kootenay Tiny House on Wheels by Green Leaf Tiny Homes

Kootenay Tiny House on Wheels by Green Leaf Tiny Homes 001

Images © GreenLeafTinyHomes.com

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