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Two things today when it comes to simple kitchens and possibly designing and building one out for yourself. For this, we’ll have a look at two things…

  1. Mobile Condo’s kitchen progress
  2. and a simple and awesome kitchen by Gratz Industries.

First, check out John and Anne’s progress on their Mobile Condo’s kitchen… Right above the water tank, they installed two slide-out drawers with plastic containers, very smart. If it were mine I’d try to figure out a way to hide the tank a bit. Probably with a wrap around curtain that can be installed underneath the countertop. I’m sure it’s possible just have to pick a nice fabric.

Okay next (below that) I found a kitchen I LOVE… So I had to show you guys. I ran into it while looking for countertop curtains…

Designing And Building A Simple, Affordable, And Useful Kitchen

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