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This is Nathan Housberg’s ROBA Laundry Hamper Invention which is going live on Kickstarter October 1st. After being frustrated using the laundromats as a student at Brown University, he came up with the idea for a laundry hamper that you could zip up and just throw in the washer and it would keep all of your laundry together. You know how it can be in a laundromat sometimes, socks can disappear and things like that. Or they just fall on the dusty floor after you’ve just cleaned them.

Nathan quickly realized he wasn’t the only person getting irritated by all of this, so he came up with a solution and sewed up his first prototypes in his dorm room using his dad’s old sewing machine. He continued to refine it after various tests and the goal was, “I just wanted to pick up a bag and throw the whole thing in the dryer.” So if you’re a tiny houser, apartment dweller, van dweller, sailor, and you happen to use laundromats frequently, you may really like the ROBA… Is this something you think you would like to use?

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He Designed a Laundry Hamper for Laundromats… It Bundles All Of Your Clothes Into A Bag While You Wash And Dry It… Keeping It All in Safe and in Place!

image 1

Housberg demonstrates ROBA’s use. Photo credit Connor Corgard.

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This is the Hitch Hotel. It’s a tiny camper that loads right onto the hitch of your vehicle so it has no wheels and weighs just 240 lb.

Once you’re ready to set up camp it expands into a micro camper. The project is on Kickstarter so if you’re interested you can back the project and even be one of the first to get one for less than the future retail price.

Take a look and let us know what you think about it in the comments below. Thanks!

Hitch Hotel Micro Camper

Hitch Hotel Micro Camper 001

Images © Hitch Hotel

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This is episode 1 of How to Build Your Own Tiny House (Tools & Safety) with Seth Reidy of Nelson Tiny Houses.

This episode is free but you can buy all 15 episodes at a discount by backing this project on Kickstarter.

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12 Power Tools to Build Your Tiny House Faster (That You’ll Learn About in this Episode)

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This is a Kickstarter for Tiny Home Helper, Inc. and Basecamp01, a mobile design and construction “studio” run by builder Rebekah who wants to help DIY tiny housers create the homes of their dreams.

Building your own home can be hard, even if it’s Tiny. You can do it all by yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you. But what if you’re in the middle of that range and can’t afford help? That’s where Tiny Home Helper, Inc. comes in. Basecamp01 is the launch pad for a greater company vision.

Curious about her vision? Be sure to read all the details on her Kickstarter page, and consider donating! She is trying to outfit her 1988 boxtruck with space for her to live, work and help you build!

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Kickstarter for Tiny Home Helper, Inc. and Basecamp01

Images via Instagram

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So this is fun! It’s a new collapsible chair, called the Ollie Chair, that’s perfect for tiny spaces.

The Ollie Chair, designed by RockPaperRobot, easily “unfurls” and then retracts by tugging a string — does it get easier? I really love the modern feel of the chair, and I could see them sitting behind a table in a tiny house. Pull out the table, unfurl the chairs, and eat, work or play.

You can support the Ollie Chair on Kickstarter, and get some early bird specials. Plus, you’ll see it in action, which is super fun!

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Ollie Chair: Space-Saving Furniture for Tiny Homes

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This is Taylor & Steph’s Incredible 560 Sq. Ft. Earthship Home in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

The couple built their home out of recycled materials in a way that’s sustainable and good for the environment. They had no construction skills, lived off-grid for a long time and managed to do it with less than $10,000. They’ve even shared their journey and explained the concept of Earthship Homes via a photo book. So they started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds for printing. Be sure to head over there, watch their inspirational video, and consider getting your own copy of “Nomadic Roots.” which is now available on Amazon (affiliate link).

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Taylor & Steph’s $10k Earthship Home

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This is the No Home Address (NoHA) Small House Design by Richard Perkin.

He wanted to create a foldable 800 sq. ft. home that could be transported anywhere. You can support his efforts to finish the exterior of his prototype on Kickstarter.

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No Home Address (NoHA) Foldable Small House Design


Images via NoHA

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This is “The Big Adventures of Tiny House,” a  story “about an old farmhouse that gets recycled into something new: TINY, a little house with a big heart – and WHEELS!”

In order to get this book on the shelves, the illustrator and author started a Kickstarter campaign that’s up for a few more days. They need just over $2,000 to reach their goal so they can print 2,000 copies of the book. Consider donating $1 or more here. Read an excerpt from the book below the pictures.

Plus, they will donate a portion of the book sales to Makes A Village, an organization that builds tiny houses for people facing homelessness.

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Tiny House Book for Children: Kickstarter Needs Your Help

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This is a one-of-a-kind off-grid tiny house by Elevate Structure.

From the outside you’ll notice is resembles a treehouse, doesn’t it? Even more interesting, it’s literally a living house because of the live plant siding.

The base is just 40 sq. ft. which minimizes the impact this micro home has on the earth is sits on. This area can be used for rainwater storage or even as a drive through in a commercial setting. Pretty interesting, right?

The upper level is highly customizable and can range anywhere between 256 sq. ft. and 800 sq. ft. depending on what you need. Currently the company offers six different designs.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Elevated Off-Grid Tiny House with Live Plant Siding

Elevated Off-Grid Tiny House with Live Plant Siding

Images © Elevate Structure

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