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This is definitely not a tiny house but most of you know how much I love showing all the different options out there like this beautiful zen small home in Kyoto, Japan by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio.

From the outside it seems very humble in size indeed. But once you walk inside I think you’ll be surprised as to how much space and utility they were able to squeeze into here for this family.

As soon as you walk inside you’ll notice the fireplace which sits on a squared tiled area to your left. The rest of the home has natural wood floors and ceiling. The living area is also to your left from the front door beyond the fireplace after walking in.

Keep walking straight ahead and you run into the kitchen and dining area where you’ll also notice the staircase upstairs to the bedrooms. Downstairs, behind the staircase, is a wonderful study/office area with beautiful views of the backyard (and vaulted ceilings). Near the office and behind the kitchen is the bathroom.

Another wonderful feature of this home is not only that there are plenty of vaulted ceilings for that feeling of spaciousness but, for example, the bedroom has an indoor window where you can view the living area (see below). I absolutely love this.

In the current set up of the house there is only one bedroom. But you might notice that there are two doors to this bedroom which allows- later on- to partition the room with a wall to create two rooms when needed. More than likely, this is for when the kid(s) grows older.

Architects Design Modern Zen Small Home for Family


Images © Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

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