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Just about three years ago we interviewed Brian and Alexis, the owners of the Juniper THOW they built with help from Backcountry Tiny Homes. The couple (and their dog) had just finished up the house at the time, but now they’ve been tiny-housing it for more than three years! We decided to get back in touch and see how tiny life has lived up to their expectations and changed their lives for the better.

While magazine-ready photos of THOWs are fun to look at, it’s great to see all of Brian and Alexis’ Instagram pictures (follow them @living_the_tiny_dream) showing what real life in a tiny house looks like. Because of choosing to live tiny, Brian has successfully paid off all his student loans (Congratulations!) and the couple pays less than $12 a quarter in electricity. That’s impressive!

Check out their real-life pictures in the photo tour below, and then find our Q&A with the couple at the end of this post.

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Brian & Alexis Reflect on Three Years of Tiny House Living

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This is the stunning Juniper Model by Backcountry Tiny Homes, a builder in Vancouver, WA built for Alexis and Brian of Living the Tiny Dream.

The home owners, Alexis & Brian, did a build assist build with Backcountry Tiny Homes where they helped design their custom home AND helped build it as part of their build crew… Juniper was named for it’s rich bark and flora colored exterior and, like the Juniper tree berries, shows off a beautiful blue with the beatlekill pine.

How cool! Plus, did you know Backcountry Tiny Homes is a woman-owned company? Thought that’s pretty awesome! For more details about the house and to contact the builders, click over to the last page.

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Stunning Juniper Backcountry Tiny Home

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