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This is to announce that John and Fin Kernohan, of United Tiny House, and @belovedcabin on Instagram, are hosting a live online open house of their tiny houses, this Saturday August 15, 2020 at 3 PM EST.

It’s a completely free event, you’ll get to tour two tiny houses, get a sneak peek of their treehouse, a talk on how to succeed as an AirBnB host, and more behind the scenes from their 16-acre homestead. Enjoy..!

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John and Fin’s Live Tiny Open House! This Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 3 PM EST.

John and Fin Live Online Tiny Open House

via United Tiny House

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Meet John and Fin. They’re the Kernohans – a tiny house couple with a very inspiring story.

When John was diagnosed with a health condition, they quickly began re-prioritizing their life to make it their purpose to be of service to others. So they left their big city lifestyles and went to the woods of Georgia over seven years ago.

This is where they built their foundation… A 304-square-foot off-grid tiny barn cabin known as the ‘Beloved Cabin’.

Then they designed and built their second tiny home… A unique tiny house on wheels as a dedication to first responders that they could travel with.

The Kernohans are the founders of the United Tiny House Association where they have organized the largest tiny house festivals in the world… And in doing so, have thus far raised over $500,000 for charities!

John and Fin’s ‘Tiny House Love Affair’ and Their Journey to Tiny Living

Our Tiny House Love Affair – John and Fin

Images via United Tiny House

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