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This is the story of Laurel and Brandon’s first tiny house. They built it so that they could create financial freedom and the ability to pursue their dream careers and hobbies.

They’ve been living tiny for 5 years now, and have even built other tiny homes which they’ve sold! Besides that, they enjoy nature, their hobbies, and the freedom that their lifestyle offers. Get to know more about this tiny house and their story in this full video tour below. Big thanks to Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey for sharing the story.

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They Built Their First Tiny House… And It Was The Foundation For Their Dream Life

24x8.5ft Beautiful Craftsman Tiny House Offers Financial Freedom

Images via Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is the story of a group of Westminster College students who built a tiny house on wheels as a dorm room and as an on-campus learning and living experience.

It’s great because some students get to try out tiny living while the college also uses the structure for academic purposes. Pretty cool, right? Enjoy and learn more below and let’s hope we can inspire more schools to do the same! Thanks!

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College Students Build Tiny House on Wheels as a ‘Dorm Alternative’ and On-Campus Living/Learning Experience

© YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for living on the road cheaply, look no further than Dylan Magaster because he built an epic life with a $5500 van.

Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey met up with Dylan, who converted his 1994 G20 van into an off-grid home for less than $5,500 (that includes the cost for the van itself). Because he works online (check out his YouTube channel here), he can make money while traveling coast to coast. Watch his tour with Jenna below to get all the details about his off-grid rig. Enjoy!

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Dylan Magaster’s Cheap Off-Grid Van Life

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