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This is the D407 House Truck by Jay Nelson.

It’s a beautiful tiny home built onto a Mercedes 407D truck. Enjoy!

House Truck Built onto a Mercedes 407D Truck

D407 House Truck 001

Images © Jay Nelson Art

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Kirsten is going to show you Jay Nelson’s micro house that he built on a customized bicycle. It’s 27 square feet in size and has everything a surfer needs. It even has a roof rack to store and move around your boards!

Jay’s micro vehicle/bicycle home is made out of plywood sheets covered in fiberglass. He even custom made every window that’s on it. This little custom made RV even has a kitchenette with a stove, sink and drain. He uses a manual water pump that’s hooked up to a jug, sort of like this one. There’s even storage underneath the floor to hold everything you’d have to take with you. It stands about 5 feet tall and is 8 feet long and 4 and a half feet wide.

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Jay Nelson and micro houses he’s built on bikes, rowboats, and cars

Jay Nelson's Micro Bicycle House Photo by Jack Halloway

Photo Credit Jack Halloway via Flickr

I told you it has an electric motor right? It has a range of 10 miles and can go up to 20 mph.

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