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This is to announce Jamaica Cottage Shop’s best-selling THOW shell for under $10k.

That’s right – a ready-to-go tiny cabin shell built on a brand-new trailer for just under ten thousand dollars. It comes ready for you to finish and customize however you like. Or you can upgrade to a finished model. Learn more by reading the press release from Domenic Mangano of Jamaica Cottage Shop below!

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Best-selling Tiny House Shell For Under $10k

Best Selling Tiny House on Wheels Under 10k Jamaica Cottage Shop 001

© Jamaica Cottage Shop

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This is to announce the Wholesale Tiny House Kits 7 Day Blitz Sale at Jamaica Cottage Shop.

Their tiny house / cottage / cabin kits are on sale so you pay what retailers pay. Sale ends Sunday January 22, 2018.

Learn more below. Thanks!

Tiny House Kits at Jamaica Cottage Shop: 7 Day Blitz Sale

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Space includes fresh clean drinking water from onsite well. RV 30-amp electricity. A sewer line is ready to be connected to your tiny house that can accept both grey water and toilet waste. Room enough to accommodate up to a 8×24 tiny house and one vehicle. A 10×10 space for gardening is also included.

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This is the Charlavail Tiny House on Wheels by Jamaica Cottage Shop in Vermont.

Inside you’ll find two lofts (one for sleeping, one for storing), a quaint breakfast nook and an awesome open-storage staircase. Check it out and buy it here!

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Charlavail Tiny House on Wheels by Jamaica Cottage Shop

The Charlavail Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Jamaica Cottage Shop

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This is the Apple Blossom Cottage. It’s a tiny house in Jamaica, Vermont.

And you can book a stay in it if you wish! This charming little cottage is built by the Jamaica Cottage Shop.

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The Tiny Apple Blossom Cottage

The Tiny Apple Blossom Cottage 001

© Jamaica Cottage Shop

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This is an 8×16 tiny house on wheels by Jamaica Cottage Shop.

From the outside, you’ll notice a short trailer house with a gabled metal roof with loft dormers, a tiny front porch, and a large octagonal window.

When you go inside, you’ll find a living area, bathroom, kitchen, and large loft accessible by ladder. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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8×16 Tiny House on Wheels by Jamaica Cottage Shop


Images © Jamaica Cottage Shop via YouTube

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