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This is Jackie Ruth’s original tiny house on wheels…

Originally, this was posted to help her sell her amazing little cabin on wheels. But it has since sold. It was such a great deal!

Years later, it’s on the market again. You can learn about that right here.

Right now I’m showing you an amazing deal of a tiny house for sale in the Ozarks of South Central Missouri. It’s my friend Jackie’s tiny home that she’s had for many years.

She used to live in it in the Florida Keys. It has since then been moved to the Ozarks. And now that Jackie has her own slightly larger cabin, and her son no longer uses it, she’s selling it.

And in my opinion, this might be one of the best tiny house deals I’ve ever seen. It’s truly an ‘unknown’ classic tiny house that has been around before the tiny house movement ever really took off.

It must be moved so you’ll want to bring your own flatbed and plenty of jacks to go pick it up. It was once on a trailer before, but it now sits on blocks.

Jackie Ruth’s $5k Tiny House For Sale in the Ozarks (Sold)


Images © Jackie Ruth Brown Koson

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