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This is the pinnacle of “smart” tiny home prefabricated construction! While the iOhouse has a hefty price tag, it’s still a super cool concept: This home is 100% off grid while being fully self-contained — and everything from the furniture to the heat to the lights can be controlled from your smartphone.

Coming in at about 645 square feet, it features with two fold-out porches, a mechanical room, spacious living area, downstairs master bedroom, and a kitchen and bathroom. The home is solar-powered, and created without any synthetic materials! Just wood, wool, glass and metal — pretty neat! You will need to get the waste removed and water refilled about every two weeks (with two person occupancy), but apparently that’s easily done in European countries.

Take a look at the photo tour below, and learn more on their website.

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The Amazing iOhouse is Controlled by Your Smartphone


Images via iOhouse

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