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If you’ve been reading Tiny House Talk for a while, you might remember Heather and Dana, a couple who renovated an RV to live as nomads. Well, when a tree later fell on the RV, their plans shifted, and they went back to “normal” life for a while—until the call of the road pulled them back!

Below, we’ll show you their new rig, a fantastic off-grid, off-roading house truck built on a wildland firetruck chassis. Keep scrolling to hear Heather and Dana share their story and the great features their expedition truck offers…..

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Couple’s Incredible Off-Roading House Truck

Their DIY Expedition Truck From Former Firetruck!

Images via HD.Adventuring

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Long before Jay Shafer built his first iconic tiny house in 1997, there were the famous housetrucks of the 1970s. These were popular in the United States, but also in New Zealand! When James came across one, he had to have it — even if it no longer ran.

Because the truck is stationary, he and his partner Lucy have created a lovely outdoor area to extend their living space. It includes a shower attached to the truck, a separate glass “bathhouse” with a large bathtub that waters plants, and a patio area around a wood stove where they can entertain. Enjoy a tour of this unique piece of history below!

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Vintage New Zealand Housetruck Given New Life

Original Tiny House on Wheels & Glass Bathhouse

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Back in 2016, Lindsay was tired of the urban young adult scene of finding bars and drinking. After going to Austin with a friend and seeing tons of Airstreams, she made a 6 month plan to get her own — and then bought one three weeks later!

After about two years in the Airstream, she upgraded to a super neat 4×4 adventure rig on a flatbed truck. This housetruck comes complete with a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet — Lindsay says she has no problem admitting she’s not trying to “rough it.” She has her blow dryer and hair straightener and plenty of clothes. And that has set her up for success!

She was already working remotely before hitting the road, so now she’s able to “live everywhere” and make money while she’s exploring! Enjoy the interview from Tiny Home Tours below.

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Lindsay’s 4 Years on the Road in Her EarthRoamer

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Tena lives and works out of her BleakHausTruk, an art & recording studio constructed with hand tools & 99% recycled/repurposed materials found mostly for free on the street or in the trash in San Francisco!

She has about 100 square feet in her 14-foot-long 1997 Isuzu FRR 14 foot that she’s put more than 8,000 miles on traveling around America. The space is completely off-grid, with solar electricity, gravity fed sink & stainless steel bath tub, propane stove top & wood burning stove and compost toilet.

“. I never knew I could feel such peace in a roommateless creative space to call my own. Sadie, my sweet pit mix, was also found on the streets & was similarly suffering from PTSD, so we have been healing happily together,” Tena wrote us.

She spent $13,000 on the truck purchase,  conversion and engine maintenance since 2015. How amazing! Check out the photo tour of her bus below.

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Tena’s Housetruck and Recording Studio

BleakHausTruk 4

Images via Tena Lethe

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This is a 24′ 1977 Ford Camper that has been converted into a hobbit-tree-house inspired glamper motorhome called ‘The Griswald’.

It’s located in Marshall, NC (about 30 minutes North of Asheville). And, it’s actually for sale with an asking price of $98,000.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

24ft Hobbit-Inspired Motorhome Conversion


Photos via Justin Pepin

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This is Luane Brauner’s housetruck and self-made art studio up in the clouds overlooking Golden Bay, New Zealand. Jola Josie treked up hills and across streams to interview Luane. Check out the video tours below! Enjoy!

Artist Housetruck and Art Studio Up in the Clouds

Luane Brauner's Housetruck in Golden Bay New Zealand

Photo credit: Jola Josie

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This is “The Manor” built for Gemma and Darryl by HouseBox, a handcrafted horsebox-conversion builder in England.

We asked House-Box to convert our 1989 Layland DAF Roadrunner in to a liveable space for us to use as our touring home while we travel with our circus. House-Box took our ideas and created a beautiful home far beyond our expectations. Their use of natural light and design has made a relatively small space into a fully functioning home with plenty of storage and all the comforts a home should have. They fitted fantastic electrics and plumbing including 3 large solar panels and a gas heating pump for hot water. I would recommend the company for any type of conversion. Beautiful craftsmanship with plenty of vision and thought put into each design.
We love our home x Gemma and Darryl x

And yes, there’s even a bathroom! Watch the video tour to get all the details and find the builder’s contact information below.


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The Manor: Gemma and Darryl’s HouseBox

Images via HouseBox

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This is Steve’s house truck, a horsebox conversion called the “Kaya Box” that features a distinctly Rastafarian-themed interior.

Steve shared his ideas with Dean, owner of HouseBox in England, who made them into reality! For those who don’t know, horseboxes are used to transport horses, but this one has been transformed into a beautiful, handcrafted home. Way to reuse! There’s black, red and yellow tiling in the kitchen and bathroom along with red, yellow and green trimwork on the exterior that would make Bob Marley proud.

Take a video tour (inside starts around minute 11) and read Steve’s testimonial on the last page. Enjoy!

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The Kaya Box House Truck Conversion (Rasta-Theme)

Images via HouseBox

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This is Vincent the House Truck by HouseBox in Southwest England.

It was built for a customer, Imogen, who shared a testimony on the HouseBox website:

I love my truck conversion – there’s so much attention to detail & it’s really tailor made, from the snake tank for my corn snake to the fox door-knocker. I was consulted throughout the whole process & really enjoyed being able to pick out the exact look i wanted, from the hinges to the brass kitchen sink. I’ve never loved living anywhere as much as my House-Box & have had so many compliments on it – a security man at Glastonbury Festival called it the prettiest truck he’d ever seen!

It really is a beautiful build! You can take a video tour to get all the details about the inside and find the builder’s contact information on the last page.


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Vincent the House Truck by HouseBox

Images via HouseBox

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