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Artist Michael Ostaski built this house truck in the 70s — long before the #skoolie or tiny house craze took off. He lived in it for 18 years, but is now ready to sell it to a new owner. While the vehicle drives, it’s not up for cross-country travel any longer.

That said, it would be a great for anyone with some land to use as a home or vacation property. It has a couple of lofts, lots of living space and a great kitchen. Check it out.

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Vintage House Truck – Handbuilt! – For Sale

Michael Ostaski’s The Rose For Sale Bus Home 3

Images via Michael Ostaski

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Michael Ostaski is an artist who started his career by traveling in his original house truck while going to events and sharing his art with people.

Today I’m showing you Michael’s 1999 Sterling House Truck because it’s still available (for sale) and he’s lowering the price to $70,000 (USD).

I’m also here to bring up another idea… Have you ever thought of building your tiny house right onto the frame of a diesel truck like this one? Why would you or why wouldn’t you? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Artist Builds Custom ’99 Sterling House Truck Now For Sale


Images © Michael Ostaski

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