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Here’s a fun and inexpensive DIY tiny home in Maine that could be yours! The cozy space features a U-shaped dining area on one end and a twin bed (with plenty of storage underneath) on the other end. A galley kitchen and built-in shelving fill the middle space.

For only $19K (price negotiable), this is one of the least expensive tinies on the market right now. Because it’s built for Maine winters, this home has more insulation than many you’ll find! You can buy it on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Affordable DIY Tiny Home in Maine for Sale: Only $19K!
  • Well-insulated for Maine Winters with Heaters and Amenities.
  • Cozy, Rustic Interior with Clever Storage Solutions.

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DIY Pre-Owned THOW Built For Cold Weather

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This is such a unique find! This giant barn has a 551 sq. ft. tiny house built into it, complete with a ground-floor bedroom and a bath, kitchen and living area.

But the whole thing sits on a lovely 14 acre lot of land, with a build site further away from the barn already ready with utilities and it’s own septic system. You could build another small home on the lot and use the existing space as an in-law or rental possibly (depending on local regulations). Or just enjoy the existing home and all that amazing land!

It’s for sale for $250,000 on Zillow. (Sold).

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Tiny House, Huge Barn in Texas

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This is a 16ft tiny house for sale in Longview, Texas via the Facebook Tiny House Marketplace Group.

It was built using the Tiny Living plans from Tiny Home Builders. These are great tiny house construction plans, and they offer several other designs too. Anyway, this THOW is available for $44,500 or best offer. You can contact the sellers via this page if you’re interested. Otherwise, enjoy the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you like this design?

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16ft Tiny House For Sale Built Using Tiny Living Plans From Tiny Home Builders… Asking Price is $44k – Longview, TX

16ft Tiny House Built Using Tiny Living Plans (FOR SALE)

Images via Facebook Tiny House Marketplace/Ben Parker

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