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I’m excited to share “The Box” tiny cabin with you today.

It’s a 215 sq. ft. home that Ralph Erskine hand built with the help of a friend beginning in 1941.

The goal was to create shelter for his wife and two baby girls on land given to him by a farmer friend.

As you’ll see below it’s just a two-room home.

The family ended up living in it for four years and Ralph later became known to become an influential designer in Sweden, England and Canada.

Simple Living as a Family in a 215 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin

Simple Living as a Family in a 215 Sq Ft Tiny Cabin

Photo by Arvid Rudling

Let me take you inside so you can see what it’s like…

Do you think you could live simply even with a family in something like this? (Personally- I’d love it!)

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