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These are The Hobbits: Two Incredible Tiny Hobbit Homes.

They were both built by Incredible Tiny Homes.

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The Hobbits: Two Incredible Tiny Homes

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Gary Zuker is the owner of this little hobbit house in Texas. In 1989 he built it by hand for about $25,000 and lots of labor. The home took three years to complete. He is a University of Texas computer engineer with no carpentry experience before this project.

In total, the space is about 830-square-feet with lots of open areas. Gary had the help of Pliny Fisk, a local sustainable building expert in Austin. Here are some details on the materials used:

    • Straw-clay
    • Loblolly pine for scissor-truss system
    • Limestone boulders for doorway, fireplace, and foundation
    • Stained-glass windows
    • Salvaged windows, flooring, and kitchen cabinets

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Little Hobbit House in Texas

Little Hobbit House in Texas by Gary Zuker

Photos courtesy of Gary Zuker and Paul Bardagjy

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