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Nico designed and built a high-tech, luxury tiny house for just $100,000 that meets all his living needs and more! His home features a Murphy bed, convertible table/coffee table, tons of flat-front cabinets, and luxury finishes.

His bathroom includes an incredible tub with jets and a faucet that can spin up to help you wash your face/mouth. Beyond that, he has a cozy office loft and an incredible rooftop deck where he can do yoga. Enjoy the fascinating tour of his home below.

  • Nico designs and builds a $100K luxury tiny home with high-tech features.
  • The tiny home includes a jetted tub, convertible spaces, and a rooftop yoga deck.
  • The smart design showcases a Murphy bed, hydraulics, and modern luxuries.

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Nico Designed and Built a High Tech Tiny Home

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