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I’m excited to share these hanging tents with you because if you like treehouses and camping you’ll probably love this. Yes, camping in the trees would be awesome, but how? Check this out… it’s a tree tent called the RooMoon made by the Hanging Tent Company. It takes tent camping to the next level (literally). Handcrafted and designed by graduate student, Rufus Martin in Dorset, England. Since he presented this at Byrson School as a final project it has been his full-time business since. So how is this contraption made?

The outside material is a durable canvas that can stand any weather. Flooring is made of lightweight pine and very portable just like the entire tent itself. Each board attaches together making it easy to roll up and is used as a carrying case for the frame and accessories. The frame is made of steel rods that are strong and weatherproof. Collapses down in to a car-sized package making transporting very easy for camping and festivals. The designer says, “the tent is capable of lifting over 1 ton with ease. The user needs only to run the lightweight pulley chain through their hands to be lifted into the canopies.”

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Spherical Tent for Glamping in the Tree Tops


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