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Most of you are already familiar with Hari from the Tiny House Family. From her blog and some of the guest posts that she did for us here at Tiny House Talk.

Coming Home: Letters from a Tiny House

In it she talks about everything. There’s no holding back. From her experience with national television to the challenges of raising two children and living with your spouse in less than 200-square-feet. If you’ve been considering going tiny, smaller, or are just plain curious this will be a great read for you. She expresses the little things, too, like, “What makes me happy is seeing durable plates and utensils collected from various stages of our lives and very little plastic.”


Little Life Secrets, Gardening, And More

Hari also throws in her own experiences along with what she’s learned thanks to them. For example, in one chapter she’s talking about gardening and says, “The key to a happy life, I think, is to keep this beginner’s mind for the rest of my life.” [continue reading…]