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This is the 172 sq. ft. Nautino Mini Floating Tiny Home by Nautilus Hausboote in Berlin, Germany.

The premium equipment makes your Nautino to a boat of the extra class. In the versions mini (16m²) and maxi (21.5m²), with up to 7 berths, this boat is not only suitable for couples but also for families. It also functions perfectly as a lake home or an onshore weekend home.1

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172 Sq. Ft. Nautino Mini Floating Tiny Home by Nautilus Hausboote in Berlin, Germany

Nautino Mini Floating Tiny Home by Nautilus Hausboote 001

Images © Nautilus Hausboote

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This is a BEAUTIFUL ‘double wide’ tiny house with an additional slide out.

It’s called the Wohlwagen XL and it’s designed and built by Wohlwagen in Goettingen, Germany. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Wohlwagen XL Tiny House: Twin Caravan with Almost 500 Sq. Ft. Floor Area!

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This is a 258 sq. ft. tiny river cabin uniquely designed by Marion Tepp and her husband and originally shared on Small House Bliss.

The spacious outdoor deck allows for living and dining outside when the weather is nice. How amazing to get to have your own waterfront dining anytime, right?

When you go inside the cabin you’ll notice an open living room with a wood burning fireplace and at the other end is your small kitchenette and half bathroom with a composting toilet. Look up from the living area and there’s your rather spacious sleeping loft space thanks to the two dormers. Please enjoy and re-share below.

258 Sq. Ft. Tiny River Cabin

cottage on the river

Images © Marion Tepp

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This unique tiny house is not just compact.

It makes use of the small amount of space by being completely versatile.

It’s shaped like a cylinder and literally rolls from the inside.

Roll it 180 degrees and the desk becomes a bed.

The mattress is held in place thanks to Velcro while pillows, blankets, clothing and linens are stored underneath.

Turn the kitchen and it transforms into a bathroom.

The bathroom does include a sink and toilet. The kitchenette has a stove.

Tiny House That's Flexible and Versatile: Roll It

And don’t worry… The toilet cannot be turned upside down. 🙂

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