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When Tina and her partner went in different directions, it left her with a tough decision to make: Leave their barn home and sell her animals, or find someway to live on pasture with her herd of sheep and goats (and her cats and dogs)?

Tiny living was the perfect solution! With the help of her dad, she built a tiny home from the trailer-up for about 20,000 EUR (~$24,500) and gets her water/electricity from a nearby barn while living in the meadow with her flock. She (@tiny.tohuwabohu on Instagram) has everything she needs and didn’t have to sacrifice her animals to get it.

Inside her home she has a full kitchen, bathroom with composting toilet, and a loft bedroom. She even has a front porch from which she can see her animals and the lovely countryside. We got to interview her, so be sure to read the Q&A at the end of the post!

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Her DIY THOW in Germany for under $25K

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