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The Freedom Microlite Caravan is a travel trailer that’s just 9 foot long and 6’1″ wide.

It’s an extremely small camper and in this video you can see a young family enjoying it.

Freedom Caravan is so Microlite You Can Tow it with a Yaris

Since it’s just 1,400 lbs in weight just about any car can give it a pull without too much trouble.

What would you rather have a teardrop trailer or something like this? The benefit here is that you can do your cooking indoors in case the weather isn’t great.

Features of this Ultra Light Camper

  • Wet room for showers
  • Toilet
  • Refrigerator
  • Roof top pops up

Freedom Microlite Caravan
Youtube screenshot courtesy of Dividie1

Videos of Freedom Microlite Caravans

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