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If you haven’t seen Jay Shafer’s latest 312 sq. ft. tiny U-house cabin design that’s coming soon (it isn’t officially released yet) then you’ll get to preview it here right now.

This is a much larger tiny house relative to Shafer’s earlier designs that range from 65 to 200 sq. ft. but this one is geared towards the ‘average’ person since not many are cut out to live in 100 square feet.

So this new tiny cabin design has just enough space for all of your modern day needs. It includes a washer and dryer, full kitchen, full bathroom, large refrigerator, full-sized bed, dishwasher, dining space for 6, store space, and even an extra bed for guests

Jay’s 312 Sq. Ft. Tiny U-House Cabin

© FourLights

© FourLights

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I wanted to let you know that a 99 Sq. Ft. Anderjack tiny cottage on wheels is available to buy right now from Four Lights Houses.

This Craftsman style tiny house is located in New York right now. The structure is 7′ x 16′ but with the trailer and roofline, it’s about 9’6″ x 20′ with an 11’2″ height.

When you go inside the first level ceiling is 6’6″ high and when you go into the upstairs loft it’s about 3′ tall. This is a shell model which means the interior is unfinished. That’s why it’s just $19,000 because there’s still plenty of work to be done before it’s completed.

The good news is that you can finish the inside any way that you like. This includes the option of using Jay Shafer’s component furniture for tiny houses to finish it.


Image: Four Lights Houses

I encourage you to learn more about this Anderjack tiny house below:

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