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For people who have grown up in a close family or always been in a monogamous relationship of some kind, jumping into solo #vanlife can feel terrifying and nearly impossible. That’s what Melody thought before she took the plunge.

Now she feels empowered and happy living in her van with its super-deep sink, closet space, and mini-library. At 5’6″ she can comfortably sleep sideways in the van and she’s been loving working in Baja with her remote writing work.

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Finding Happiness in Life on Her Own

Tech Workers Empowering Van Life Conversion 2

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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When Dee needed a home post-divorce, she chose this fantastic Ford Transit van which she turned into her “Lady Bug Out” house on wheels. She has her own space she can use for travelling, and she heads back to her 14-year-old son’s house when it’s her time to have him. That way he never has to move homes, but she gets to explore! What a great idea.

You’re going to love her tidy, well-organized space that manages to meet all of her needs and somehow still feel spacious!

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Dee’s $1600 Ford Transit Van Conversion

Lady Bug Out Ford Transit Connect Solo Female Van Life 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Kayla has always tried to live in small spaces — purposefully choosing the smallest room in her co-op and figuring out how to live with less. When she got a remote internship for the summer, she decided to hop into vanlife and travelling!

For such a tiny, quickly-built rig, Kayla’s van is so impressive! It has a bed/couch/dinette with three configurations, and a kitchen that she can use indoors and out — pretty cool.

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Kayla’s Weekend Vanlife Rig

Grad Student’s Ford Transit Connect w Pull Out Kitchen 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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