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Jessica and her adorable corgi are moving to the city and need to sell this beautiful 32ft Perch & Nest THOW built in October 2021. Best of all, the tiny home is currently on a lot in the Circle Pond Tiny Home Community in Ruskin, Florida. As long as you’re approved by the village, you can take over the lot lease for $500/month.

The tiny house itself features a loft bedroom with storage stairs, a spacious living area, and a luxury bathroom with a tiled shower stall. There’s a dedicated office space to make working-from-home easy, and a lovely L-shaped kitchen with retro-inspired appliances. She’s asking $100,000 for the house, and it can be moved with dually if you don’t want to stay in the community.

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$100K Professionally-Built Tiny Home For Sale

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Meet Alexis, and her 11-month-old daughter Nalani. Alexis bought her amazing tiny house from Cornerstone Tiny Homes, and it has everything she wanted including a built-in bookshelf for all her books and an under-the-stairs reading nook.

She found a tiny home community in Florida to park her little house and it costs just $450/month rather than the $750 she had previously been paying in rent (while living with a roommate!). Now she has a place of her own designed to meet all her needs (wait until you see the kitchen sink!) that she can share with her adorable daughter. She wants other single moms to know this a dream they can achieve!

We interviewed her so be sure to read the Q&A after the photo tour, and follow Alexis on Instagram for updates!

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Single Mom’s Tiny House With A Book Collection

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This Florida City Approves Tiny House Community story is a guest post by Rene’ Hardee

Here is an article that ran in our local paper last week: Tiny Houses Catch Brevard County in Florida

I have been working really hard to get legal approval for a Tiny House Community and it is finally happening! Please post to your newsletter! Thank you!

Florida City Approves Tiny House Community

Florida City Approves Tiny House Community

Image © Tim Shortt/FloridaToday

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