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This is the story of Julie, a single mom in New York City who built a school bus tiny home on a budget.

She used her tax return to acquire a school bus at a low cost and slowly turned it into a beautiful, debt-free, tiny home for her and her son. What do you think?

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She Built a School Bus Tiny House on a Budget


Images via FLORB/YouTube

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This is Brendan and Linda’s gypsy-inspired tiny house they built after living on a sailboat. We told you about it back in 2017, and it’s been serving as a Joshua Tree vacation rental, but today it’s for sale.

Nowadays, Brendan and Linda are a young family who enjoys traveling. In the video tour and interview below thanks to FLORB/YouTube, you’ll get the complete tour plus some travel advice from them on getting around with kids.

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Brendan and Linda’s Gypsy-Inspired Tiny House (And It’s For Sale/Available Right Now Too)


Images via FLORB/YouTube

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This is the incredible story of how Joel and Keegan of Route Del Sol built a solar-powered all-electric motorhome in only two months. Incredible, right?

The downfall? Well, even with all of the solar panels, it’s not enough energy to keep moving every day unless you found somewhere to charge directly. Still pretty amazing, though, right?

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All-Electric Motorhome/Van Conversion With Lots of Solar Panels… They Built It In Only 2 Months!

Solar-Powered All-Electric Motorhome via FLORB 001

Image via FLORB/YouTube

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This is the story of Carl and Maddie’s converted ambulance. Yes, they bought a retired ambulance and turned it into their traveling home.

The great part is, they really didn’t have to modify the vehicle all that much and it already provides loads of storage. Have you ever thought of buying an ambulance to convert into a motorhome? Seems like a pretty cool idea to me, especially if you sort of fear the ‘conversion’ part, since an ambulance can oftentimes work as-is. What do you think?

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Carl and Maddie’s ambulance tiny home

Couple turn old ambulance into their traveling tiny home via FLORB

Image via FLORB/YouTube

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