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This family of three built a tiny house, but intended to sell it and live in a “big house” like “normal” people. Kathy got a full-time job to afford their new normal home, but like so many others, was furloughed because of coronavirus. Thankfully, Kathy, Tilman, and their four-year-old son were able to move out of that large home, and back into the THOW!

I really think tiny house living will only become more popular during this pandemic and it’s fall-out, which is why it’s awesome that Kathy & Tilman wrote a book about their build: “How I Designed, Planned and Built A Small House on a Trailer.” This book is aimed at the DIYer who wants to tackle a tiny house build but needs some guidance. You can buy the book here.

Check out their beautiful build below!

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They Built a THOW and Wrote a Book About It!

Floating Rooms Minimalist Tiny House Design 001

Images via Floating Rooms

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