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When the housing market started exploding, Nikki and Lindsay saw it as the perfect time to sell their 3-bedroom home and purchase a fifth wheel RV so they could travel the country with their two sons.

Originally the RV was fairly outdated, with bulky (and heavy) furniture. But they added paint, wallpaper and new furniture and really made a perfect, homey space — complete with a coffee bar for their favorite drink. Enjoy the tour!

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Family’s Full-Time Travel And Homeschooling in their RV Tiny Home

Family of 4 Sells 3 Bdrm Home for 42 Foot 5th Wheel

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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We’ve been seeing more and more couples and families choose RV conversions for great temporary housing to allow them to travel and save money for a future home. This “temporary tiny” is a great way to learn to live with less and to help people reach their financial goals. Caroline and husband, Daniel, did an amazing job on their 5th wheel conversion!

They were able to buy their RV from the original owners, and then spend about 5 weeks of full-time renovations. While they were previously working seasonally and travelling, they’re now looking for more permanent work and Caroline is growing her photography business.

We got to do a Q&A with the awesome couple, which you can read at the end of the post after a photo tour of their conversion. Follow them on Instagram here.

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They Gave This 5th Wheel an Awesome Facelift

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Mike is a travel nurse and Katie is a stay-at-home-mom doing online college (she already has a Bachelors’) from their amazing fifth wheel renovation! They went with an older camper to save money, and then spent 6 months gutting it and making it a true home for their family of four. All in all, they spent about $5,000 on the renovation portion.

They have two kids, ages 3 and 2, who share an epic bunkroom over the fifth wheel portion of the RV. While the family first set out thinking they’d move every 3 months, they later decided to spent a year in Florida closer to family in order to have more support. Still, they can take their home anywhere jobs or life take them!

The RV life has allowed them to get close to paying down debt, and they hope to start saving for a homestead. Being on the road allows them to get a feel for just where they might want to settle down. We got to interview Katie about their tiny adventure, so be sure to read that after the photo tour!

Follow the family on Instagram here.

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Homestead-Hunting in their Fifth Wheel Conversion

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