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Six years ago, Cortni’s life was falling apart: Her father had a stroke, she was trying to save his two faltering businesses (while hardly taking home a paycheck) and her roommates had made new living plans without her…When a family friend offered her a job at his campground, and a fifth wheel to live in, she reluctantly agreed and tried to keep her new “tiny life” a secret.

But in time, she fell in love with living in 350 square feet! She searched for a camper with a layout she loved, and decided to renovate the dingy interior into something a 20-year-old bachelorette would want to own. From there, she had the idea to start renovating RVs for a living with her business partner mom!

The dynamic duo (The Flipping Nomads) has now done 15 complete RV renovations, as well as working on upgrades for nearly 45 other RVs. She was recently asked by Keystone to design and build a concept RV — with pretty much no limitations to her creativity or budget! What an inspiration!

Check out a bunch of amazing before and after pictures below, and a huge thanks to Donald Campbell for sending us this great story.

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Mother-Daughter Duo: Business Partners Renovating RVs (BEFORE Renovation)

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